Minimally Invasive Care in Brecksville, OH, and surrounding areas

Minimally invasive dentistry or microdentistry aims to conserve healthy tooth structure as much as possible. This helps your teeth last longer while preserving the natural appearance of your smile. Our clinic uses minimally invasive methods that cause less oral trauma, reducing healing time, inflammation, and other uncomfortable side effects.

Minimally invasive care in Brecksville, OH

Our dentists avoid unnecessary drilling, use of anesthetics, and prescription antibiotics and painkillers whenever possible. Community Roots Family Dentistry believes in providing healthier dentistry to our patients, and our dentists always advocate the most minimally invasive, durable, and pain-free treatment options available.

Minimally invasive care from Community Roots :

  • Preserves as much natural tooth structure as possible
  • Uses simpler, gentler methods that often come with less pain and side effects
  • Reduced damage to surrounding tissue means short recovery times