What started as an idea to pay back the community that raised Dr. Tim Pristas, has unfolded into a lifetime passion of building, nurturing and caring for the smiles of North East Ohio. We are continually finding unique ways to add value while making people feel at ease and at home every time they drop by for a visit at Community Roots Family Dentistry.

With this new website, we hope to offer you a window view into our practice so you can gain a sense of the culture we have cultivated from the inside out. Have a look around and see some of the dental care tips we have for you, feel free to see what others have to say about us, or have a look at our education videos for more information. From time to time, we will be posting things that are happening inside our practice so feel free to stop by and visit our site and our Facebook page any time you like. Don’t forget to like our page so you can keep up with what’s happening. We plan to keep things moving as we continue to build and nurture our fabulous community and our practice.

If you are new to Community Roots Family Dentistry, our one and only goal is for you to feel like you are part of something that is bigger than words can express. We've got big plans for you and your family, some of which include a community garden for quality time and interaction. You can bring the kids along to plant pumpkin seeds in the spring then come back to pick a pumpkin to carve in the fall. How about planting some flower seeds during your springtime appointment, then pick some flowers when you come back in 6 months. Why not pick an apple from the fruit trees in the back or choose a vegetable from the community basket to take home and share with your family.

Wait a minute… What?!?

If your first thought was that this doesn’t sound like a regular dental office, you would be right! Our vision is not to only provide top quality dental services and treatments, we want to make you feel like you are family, because at Community Roots Family Dentistry, when you become a patient, that’s exactly how you will feel!

You'll have to stay tuned as this vision continues to unfold because we are a growing community type dental practice that is rooted in past memories, memories in the making and dreams.

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