Community Roots Family Dentistry always makes me feel like I am the only patient when I am there. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I also appreciate the doctors focusing solely on exactly what I need and am always happy with the end results.

Leah K.

When our dentist retired, we were faced with the challenge of finding the same excellent care we were used to. We tried two other dental offices and were very dissatisfied with the services received. With Community Roots Family Dentistry, we immediately felt that connection and reassurance. The level of care and extreme time that is taken to ensure our fillings and crowns are not only perfect, but feel well too is simply wonderful. With Dr. Kozlowski and staff, we feel like family and that’s exactly what we were searching for.

Connie M.

I couldn’t be happier with the dental care and attention I receive from Community Roots Family Dentistry. I especially like that everything is explained to me prior to treatments and compared to other dental practices I have been to, the staff and dentists are more friendly and personable which provides better experience with every visit.

Gale H.

The staff at Community Roots Family Dentistry are super helpful and friendly. I am especially pleased with the fact that Dr. Kozlowski speaks Polish and can explain various basic options to my aunt and uncle. Language was an important factor for us, and the fact that care is taken and all details are covered with each treatment is a nice bonus.

Mireille W.

I came to Community Roots Family Dentistry for a 2nd opinion. My concerns were addressed promptly and resolved to my satisfaction. Best of all, I can tell the care at this office is genuine as I am never upsold for nonsensical treatments. This has provided an unending trust for all my dental care needs.

Beth M.