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Brecksville, OH’s Preferred Dental Filling and Bonding Team

The dental filling and bonding at Brecksville, Ohio’s Community Roots Family & Implant Dentistry can make your teeth healthier, stronger, and rejuvenated without any invasive dental procedures. These two sister procedures use a compound to fill in cavities or areas of decay. Bonding can also adjust the shape or color of a tooth. These techniques straddle the areas of cosmetic and restorative procedures. Each will strengthen weaknesses within a tooth’s structure while giving it a fresher appearance.

Dental White Fillings Treatment in Brecksville, OH & nearby areas

The Difference Between Dental Filling and Bonding

While dental filling and bonding are similar, they have significant differences. Fillings use a white, tooth-colored compound to fix holes and other decayed areas of a tooth. This stops the decay from spreading while repairing the compromised structure of the tooth. On the other hand, dental bonding gives the tooth a fresher appearance by fixing stains that are resistant to bleaching. At the same time, it can fill in gaps, reshape teeth, and even make teeth look straighter.

Dental Fillings & Bonding's Service in Brecksville, OH & nearby areas

Community Roots Family & Implant Dentistry Knows Fillings

White fillings fix cavities and other decay within a tooth while improving the tooth’s structure. When a cavity forms, it compromises the strength of a tooth. This makes it more susceptible to chipping, cracking, or completely breaking. In the past, fillings tended to be a nuisance for patients. They would stand out and be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Now, fillings blend in with the natural color of your teeth. We have a variety of colors to match the surrounding tooth, making the filling invisible. Also, modern fillings are resistant to hot and cold temperatures, so they won’t cause you discomfort when drinking coffee or eating ice cream.

Dental Bonding Fixes Minor Flaws Instantly

Dental fillings and bonding are both minimally invasive procedures, but bonding is possibly the quickest way to make a major improvement to the appearance of your smile. When a patient has a cracked, chipped, or slightly misaligned tooth, the least invasive option is often bonding. Bonding uses a compound that we place on the outside of the tooth. It strengthens the tooth and allows the dentist to adjust the shape and alignment. Bonding can make minor imperfections in your smile completely disappear in the span of an hour.

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