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Solea Sleep offers a revolutionary solution for individuals grappling with snoring, a common issue that disrupts sleep for millions of millions of people worldwide. This state-of-the-art treatment utilizes a sophisticated laser technology specifically designed to target and treat the soft tissues of the palette which are often the cause of snoring. By implementing a non-invasive and quick procedure, Solea Sleep not only reduces snoring but also enhances overall sleep quality, fostering better health and well-being. It represents a significant leap forward in sleep therapy, offering a promising alternative for those who have found little relief with conventional methods like CPAP machines or invasive surgeries.

Woman undergoing Solea Sleep Laser Treatment for Snoring at Community Roots Family Dentistry in Brecksville & Nearby Areas

Benefits of Solea Sleep

Choosing Solea Sleep brings a multitude of advantages, primarily through its effective management of snoring, which can lead to profound improvements in sleep quality. Patients report experiencing deeper and more uninterrupted sleep, leading to better daytime function, mood, stability, and cognitive performance. The non-invasive nature of the procedure translates to a low risk of complications and side effects, a critical consideration for those wary of more invasive treatments. In addition, the reduction in snoring can have a positive impact on a partner’s sleep, thereby improving overall domestic harmony and the well-being of couples Beyond personal benefits, better sleep quality contributes to long-term health outcomes, potentially reducing the risks associated with chronic sleep deprivation such as hypertension, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Understanding the Procedure

The Solea Sleep treatment involves a carefully controlled application of laser energy to the soft palate. This energy selectively tightens the fibrous tissues in the palette, reducing its ability to flutter and produce the snoring sound. The entire procedure is conducted in a dentist’s office and usually is completed in around 20 to 30 minutes, making it a convenient option even for those with busy schedules. The laser settings are customized for each individual, ensuring a balance between effectiveness and the patient’s comfort. Patients typically feel minimal discomfort during the procedure, often described as a slight warming sensation with no need for anesthesia or sedatives.

Comfort and Longevity of Results.

The comfort experienced during and after the Solea Sleep procedure is a major benefit, with most patients reporting minimal to no pain. The non-surgical nature of the treatment means there is no need for incisions or stitches, which significantly reduces any post-treatment discomfort or complications. In terms of results, many patients notice an immediate reduction in snoring, with the effects improving over several weeks as the tissues fully heal and stabilize. These results are durable, typically lasting several years, although individual results can vary based on lifestyle factors such as weight gain, aging, or alcohol consumption.

Post-treatment care and Follow Up

Post-treatment care for Solea Sleep is minimal, emphasizing the treatment’s convenience, and most patients can immediately return to their normal daily activities. However, patients are advised to avoid irritants such as alcohol and heavy meals close to bedtime for a few days following the treatment. Follow-up care usually involves a checkup with the dentist a few weeks after the procedure to ensure the treated area has healed properly and the patient is satisfied with the results. Subsequent annual checkups may be recommended to monitor the long-term effectiveness of the treatment and determine if additional adjustments are necessary.

Addressing Common Questions

  • Does Solea Sleep Work? Yes, patient testimonials and clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of Solea Sleep in reducing snoring and improving sleep quality.
  • Is The Procedure Safe? Yes, the laser technology is FDA-approved and has been extensively tested for safety and effectiveness in treating snoring.
  • How Long Does the Effect Last? The improvements from Solea Sleep are generally long-lasting, with many patients enjoying significant reductions in snoring for several years after the treatment.


If you’re searching for a simple, effective solution for snoring, consider Solea Sleep. This advanced laser treatment offers a non-invasive alternative that can significantly improve your sleep quality and overall health. This procedure can give you an opportunity for quieter nights and more energetic days without the discomfort and hassle of traditional snoring treatments. Talk to the experts at Community Roots Family & Implant Dentistry to see if this innovative treatment is right for you and take your first step toward a better night’s sleep.

By choosing Solea Sleep, you’re not just addressing snoring, you’re enhancing your entire sleep experience and improving your health. With its straightforward procedure, long-lasting results, and focus on patient comfort, Solea Sleep is a leading choice for those seeking to overcome snoring to enjoy more restful nights.

Reach Out to the Experts

Community Roots Family & Implant Dentistry located in Brecksville, OH provides comprehensive dental services including Solea Sleep, expert dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry. Our implants are a perfect solution for those looking for a long-term replacement for missing teeth, improving speech, chewing, and confidence. Our cosmetic dentistry services are tailored to enhance your smile utilizing advanced techniques and technologies. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality dental care, focusing on patient satisfaction and a holistic approach to oral health in a state-of-the-art facility staffed by experienced professionals.

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